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How to PR tips….. Theresa May Grenfell Tower

PR stands for Public Relations and the key to successful PR is the RELATIONSHIP you have with the Public.  Many people are skeptical when PRs are involved, however, I believe that GREAT Public Relations, is about communicating and connecting in a coherent, calm and convincing way HONESTLY.  

Great Public Relations is about managing the communication relationship between audience and the subject, it is about attracting and holding the attention of the audience, whilst conveying a message.  Great Public Relations is not about hiding the truth.

In a time where politicians seem disconnected from the public, here are some useful tips for Theresa May as she tries to lead the country through this traumatic time in regards to the atrocities in West London and in our country as a whole.

General direction: demonstrate, empathy, engagement.

  • Today …Drop the twin set and pearls.
  • Don’t shoe up, shoe down.
  • Dress down a bit, but ensure hair is immaculate.
  • Get out there to the community organisations at the front line responding to the fire, meet the survivors, extend condolences AND MEAN IT.
  • Talk to the firemen and EMS staff and don’t look like their boss, behave like their colleague.
  • Look at the site of the fire in person.
  • Come back and call the family of seriously injured firefighters personally.
  • If the DUP does not get what you’re doing, then they don’t “get” government.
  • Some will say you’re milking it. That’s nailed on. If you mean it, it will show, and people will go with you.
  • Pull on your resources for support and let people know what your next few steps are.
  • Afterward, no cover-ups, get to the bottom of it all and act! I mean really ACT.
  • These people are your family right now, how would you help your blood relations.

We credit Tet Kofi for his contribution to this post.

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