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How to overcome the lack of sales in your business

When a business cannot attract customers for a long and sustained time, many businesses feel that the only and most sensible option is to shut up shop, and find something else to do.  If marketing are the veins, sales is the blood.

However, are there other options?

When businesses are not getting the sales they need to continue to feed the growth, here are some tips we have found helped us during our quieter and scarier times, and helped us ride the storm, especially in the absence of a bank loan or access to cash from other sources.

Make a decision:  

One of the first things to do is to make a decision about if you want to stay in business. Once you have made that conviction, you will find that you will begin to attract ideas and opportunities to help you.

Review your plan
Photo by Carole Edrich

 Photo by Carole Edrich

Take a moment to revisit you business plan.  If you do not have one, sit down right now and write your vision plan – a short, sweet document to help you focus your mind.

Research your market and investigate what people are looking for in your sector.


Look for other businesses with a strong active following and negotiate a partnership, affiliation programme with them.  Especially if you do not have the advertising budget to commit to increasing your profile.

Build your credibility

To increase sales, you need to become a known quantity in your sector.  You are likely to be 1 of 100 if not 1000 of other suppliers in your sector.  Our advise is to become a credible player through building your reputation.  Include activities such as: Networking, collaboration, guest posts, speaking opportunities, interviews and PR to help you build your profile.  We received a post this morning about one of our meditation clients by Maryam .  We know that this independent article, will provide an objective viewpoint about The Baca Journey and drive sales.


Offers and Competitions 

Run offers and competitions to help increase awareness and sales of your products or service.  All we can say is that it worked for our clients and it can work for you. In addition it can help increase your social media following.


Do not panic

Our final word of warning is; Do not panic. Panicking restricts oxygen to the brain, which limits creativity and reduces productivity.  At FP Comms, we often take  15 – 20mins quiet time to shut everything off and breath.

When you are rushed off your feet and in the midst of work, you often go into automatic mode and lose all sense of reality and appreciation for the moment. By slowing your mind and taking a moment to breath you can get a better sense of perspective.

So, we hope these tips have helped you.

  • Have you faced a total slowdown in sales?
  • How did you cope with it?
  • What other advice would you give?

We know many experts read our posts, what advise would you provide our readers that need your help to increase sales.


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