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Hidden Figures: The stories that never get told, the entrepreneurs that never get seen


I am excited to share with you the film Hidden Figures starring Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson and Janelle Monae. This film speaks of the women who worked at NASA and put a man in space, but that historians have elected to omit from mainstream history books.

However, thanks to the questioning mind of Margot Lee Shetterly who asked her father about these women he worked with, we learn the story of three African American Women:

  • Katherine G. Johnson played by Taraji P. Henson,
  • Dorothy Vaughan played by Octavia Spencer and
  • Mary Jackson played by Janelle Monae

Three women known as human computers; utilised their God given gifts to help put a man into space.

The thing that strikes me about this story is the limitless desire to just live out their vision, passion and goal.  They demonstrated tenacity, courage and immaculate grace in the face of so many obstacles.

There comes a point in all of us, when we cannot live our lives compromised or half full.  This film is encouraging, uplifting, funny and optimistic.

The film is due for release in the UK in February 2017.

What action would I recommend?

For me I want women in business to go and see this film.  I want you to see and feel inspired by what can be accomplished if you just believe and know that you deserve the success in business you desire and deserve.  I want for you, what I want for the entire FP Comms team, the opportunity to stand in our brilliance and have our voices heard.


  • First, I wish this film box office success
  • Secondly, I wish you a heartfelt desire to create amazing businesses.

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