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Great Entrepreneurs get used to being called crazy!

  • You are crazy.
  • You are selfish.
  • You are irresponsible.

You are ……….. “a lone nut” but it will not be for long!

Are just some of the statements and comments made to entrepreneurs who have thrived and succeed, after years of toiling and battling to stay focused on achieving their goals.

If you were to look at people like Steve Jobs, Tyler Perry, Gary Vaynerchuk to name a few, you will note that there was time before you knew them. During that time, they were toiling and working hard to be:

  • Seen
  • Heard
  • Recognised
  • Of Service



Success is not the remit of those who are seeking to stay comfortable or safe.  It is the domain of those who are unafraid to say enough is enough.  I have to make a change instead of just complaining about how awful it is.

So the questions are:

  • Are you ready to make a change?
  • Do you believe that you can make a difference?  If so how?


The excuses

There are many people out there that do like to make excuses for not working harder at entrepreneurship.  However, here is the truth – IT IS NOT FOR YOU – RIGHT NOW!

There is no judgement in that statement, however, it is the reality.  If you are trying to build a business and your excuse is:

“I have children and so I cannot do ….. “- That means that for right now you are a parent.  That is your priority, pleasure joy, your reason for living.

“I do not have any money and so I cannot …..” – that means you have not educated yourself enough and so need more training in the area.

Honest question

Have you looked at the videos above? Do you want to live the lives of these people?

This phase of entrepreneurship is not the end goal, but it is a process you need to go through for continued growth and success.


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