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Getting to the truth of who you are

When we started FP Comms, we had one word at the centre of everything we were about to embark on, AUTHENTIC.

authentic-stamp-14511420We decided from the outset that we would be seeking to be working with people with a PASSION, VISION and PLAN.  We knew from the beginning that at heart who we are, we would be prepared for the clients many would consider mavericks and innovators of their industries. We wanted clients where their foundation was built on a truth on which they could stand firmly behind when ‘push comes to shove’.


We believe in ‘SPEAKING THINGS INTO EXISTENCE’ and we know the value of working with people that raise their game to challenge the status quo and reach their ultimate best, so those with a plan are usually the ones prepared for the challenges and the work required to achieve success.


We all recognise the brands that we have an affinity or can associate with, in a clear defined manner.  Regardless of our personal experiences with said brands we judge them based on our belief in what we expect them to deliver –  VIRGIN, APPLE, VOUGEMICROSOFT  and MOUNT GAY are just a few brands not afraid to stick their head above the parapet and stand for a standard.  We may not agree with their principles they have a clear, precise vision and attitude.


As you seek to develop your own companies and grow your empires, at FP Comms we know that the best campaigns are created with those with a clear definition about what they stand for.


When working with our portfolio of clients we look to ensure that we not only deliver the project in hand, but we also work to reinforce the voice of the brand.

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