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The FP Comms Masterclasses are an opportunity for all businesses with a vision, passion and goal to learn the skills on how to communicate confidently and passionately.

We recently launched the masterclasses as a way of helping business people build amazing businesses.

We wanted a place where people can access 1st hand support to communicate so bravely, that marketing was no longer a barrier.

We are very happy with the responses we received from attendees of our 1st Masterclass and look forward to helping more businesses raise their voices towards success.

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Lynette says:

    The PR Masterclass delivered what it was meant to and some more.
    It provided invaluable insights into the world of PR.
    Participants were very clear about the purpose of the Masterclass, as the class was delivered in a style that was comprehensible, clear and concise.
    The session was given added value with the inclusion of an activity on ‘How to write a Press Release’.

  2. Steph says:

    Anything FP Comms does will always be worth it because they have such an energy that anyone needing help in any area of their marketing will get a boost to move forward and more often than not it is what it takes.

    However, there was much more to their masterclass than that.

    I really thought it was greatly planned and structured.

    Although it was a small group this time in the past I have always noticed how FP Comms really takes the time to be available for everyone individually and from the beginning. Which is great because then you can understand better everyone’s individual needs and be sure to help the way we need it.

    To get now to the specifics about the masterclass. I would say, even if it means charging more, you should have that session either as two separate sessions or as a full day.

    It seems to me that it would be better to have more time spent on the writing of the press release itself.

    So, there would be two parts, one to write up the document, and then the rest on how to use it, the platforms and journalists… so that when going home we already have something to build our work on if that makes sense.

    Although you were generous enough to offer to proof read our writings.

    You had obviously set up some exercises we skipped through that time. But I just thought I would mention it.
    The recording of the journalist interview was an amazing idea.

    1st it gives us the point of view from the other side.
    2nd it gives us few more ideas.
    And finally it shows us positive skills when dealing with audio PRing. So excellent.

  3. Usha says:

    I recently had a meeting with Nicola of FPComms to discuss my marketing needs as a new business and I found her to be really experienced in her field.

    I felt that she has been the only one so far that has really understood the concept of my business and she gave me some realistic advice and strategies to take my business forward.

    Thank you.

  4. Andrea says:

    FP Comms is innovative in their marketing ideas and delivers a first class service, with attention to detail.

    Nicola (the founder) takes the time to listen to your marketing / business needs and comes up with strategies that you may never have considered and works with you to deliver positive outcomes.

    We especially like their concept of their Flexi PR Service, which allows you the flexibility to increase your profile but at the same time manage your budget.

  5. Josh Silver says:

    WOW… FP COMMS what a service. so willing to help and always a phone call away to help with anything from business advice to marketing or just to help to relieve some stress. helped me from formatting my business plan to how to use social media to expand and target the right customers. A great resource and would very happily recommend to anyone.

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