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FP Comms Inspirational Wear

Welcome to our very 1st item in our inspirational line.We are dedicated to helping and inspiring business people and entrepreneurs achieve amazing things through business.

Our tees are sourced by affiliates of the Fair Wear FoundationWe work with small and medium-sized companies to maintain our support of the economy and ensure a more personal service for our clients and customers.

For full-size details, please click on – Inspiration wear

To get your hands on one of our Limited Edition Tees please purchase below.

All sales until 31st December 2015, 10% of the sales will go to CRISIS

Please note, all Tee-shirts ordered over the Christmas perios will be shipped within 4 weeks of order.


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  1. […] Lesson 5:  Never get involved in negative mob mentality behaviour.  For no other reason than it takes away your ability to positively grow your own business and develop your own vision. I feel that the time it takes for me to construct a negative tweet, I could be thinking of ways to inspire businesses […]

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