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Four reasons to enter business awards

Supporting corporations, businesses and entrepreneurs who feel marginalised or invisible to their target audience is a core goal of FP Comms.

One way for emerging brands to raise their visibility is to enter business awards.

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Business awards recognise the achievements of businesses across a broad range of industries and categories, giving you numerous opportunities to enter throughout the year.

However, the application process for each award can be time-consuming, therefore it is important to weigh up the time, effort and cost required to enter against the benefits you can gain.

Entering the right business award is time well spent and can benefit your business in the following ways:

1.  The opportunity to evaluate your current business model

A trap many small business owners fall into is working in the business rather than on the business.

The application process for a business award gives you the opportunity to evaluate your current business model.

Business awards are often judged by successful business owners and being shortlisted can give you the opportunity to discuss your business with leaders in the industry.


2. Increased visibility and credibility

Winning or even being shortlisted for a business award immediately sets you apart from your competitors.

Business awards raise your profile, giving you increased visibility with potential clients and customers.

Receiving an award acts as an endorsement of your brand and a sign of quality which increases your credibility and positions you as an expert within your industry.


3. Marketing and PR opportunities

The award process can run across several weeks or even months which you can use to maximise the visibility of your brand and highlight your core values and achievements.

Reputable business awards can generate significant publicity across local and national press and social media.

You can take advantage of this exposure to improve the awareness of your brand and promote your business to new customers.

Share your involvement on social media using any hashtags associated with the awards, connect with other businesses involved and include news on your website and in your newsletters.


4. Attract quality people

Winning a business award gives you a competitive advantage and can help you seek investment.

Being known as an award-winning business can also help you to attract quality employees as well as boost the morale and commitment of existing staff.

Additionally, awards attract similar businesses and present an excellent opportunity to network and forge new relationships.

You don’t need a multi-million-pound turnover or hundreds of staff to enter business awards.

Whether your business is just starting out or firmly established, you can benefit from entering the right business award.

To gain maximum value, do your research beforehand and choose an award that is most closely aligned with your business and its core values.

Of course, the ultimate aim is to win the award and doing so can see you rewarded with a cash prize, grant, coaching or free membership, depending on the award you enter.

But remember, even if you do not win the award, simply being shortlisted can help to boost the growth of your business.


Question time:
  • How could your business benefit from entering a business award?
  • What is your biggest fear about entering awards?


About the writer of this post – Leanna Lindsey

leanne_grove_4967Leanne Lindsey is a freelance writer for hire specialising in personal development, career and lifestyle topics.

She is also a life coach who loves inspiring, motivating and empowering women to create a career and life they love. Visit her website to learn more about her writing services.


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