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Empathy in business is key for success

We speak about all the tangible things we have to do in marketing for business success.  However, we cannot underestimate the value and importance of maintaining a fair, working environment.

In today’s society where people are on the constant hustle and grind to create great businesses, it is very important for these entrepreneurs and business owners to realise the need to evolve and prioritise the workforce’s; mental, physical and emotional wellbeing high up on their list of priorities.  Because if nothing else, your bottom line depends on the success of a well-balanced workforce.

There was recently an interview between Angie Martinez and the artist Safaree, where he breaks down at the start of the interview whilst explaining that a few hours prior, he was held at gunpoint.  In the first 10 minutes of this interview,  Safaree explains why he cannot stop working and it is not for the reason you may think.  It is shocking because it highlights some of the issues lack of empathy has on a person today and the decisions they make. The sadder thing is, that as extreme as his situation is, lack of empathy is a story repeated in companies across the globe.

If you are an entrepreneur and business owner, listen to this interview and consider:

A:  How would you like to be treated if you were in a situation like this?

B:  How would you treat your staff if you found out that one of your employees was confronted with a tragic situation?

C:  How would you treat someone who was in a contract with you that had a situation like this?

D:  How do you demonstrate empathy in your business?


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