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Don’t be QR-ass with your QR Code

Image credit to betfair

                                        Image credit to betfair

Marketers by trade are observers of life.  We are a curious species and always on the lookout for the creative, inventive, quirky and clever.  However, what that also means is that we are hypersensitive to things that are asinine, ridiculous and plain stupid.

So here is a new bugbear we have with the non-marketing, business person – the use of QR codes.

At FP Comms we love QR codes.  They can be creative, engaging and when well executed great lead generating tools.  Through the years we have seen some really fantastic campaigns using QR Codes.

One of the most recent  campaigns delivered using a QR Code was on the back of the RedBorder Calendar – which allows anyone who access the calendar the opportunity to scan and pre-order their calendar for 2014.  Fantastic!

We also love seeing them used for competitions in magazine and on the front of T-shirts – ‘Scan me and win …. ‘.  That level of interaction and application is great, very quirky and highly effective especially if the message is targeted.

We also have a particular fondness for the application  of QR Codes for event sites.

Their implementation and use of the QR Code to help organisers track and register attendees for an event is a perfect use of this tool.

In-fact we even heard about QR Coding being implemented on a family tombstone. It is rumoured that is leads family members to a site containing details of the family tree, etc

We like and understand those applications.  However, on our travels we have also seen some real howlers and silly stupid use of the QR codes.

Here are our top three QR-ass uses of the QR Code:


    • On the arse of a person.  Really?
    • On the back of a vehicle.  In fact many bus companies do not allow you to advertise on the back of their buses using a QR code in the ad.
  • Tattooed onto a person. – Where does that lead, the brain?  No thanks.



So here are some rules about using QR codes:

The main rule is think about the people who are likely to use your QR Code and why they would want to?

  • Ensure people understand  the benefits of  scanning
  • Test your QR code on as many platforms as possible
  • Ensure the information or their destination is relevant and easy to access
  • Make the code accessible to your audience
  • Never think the design is more important than the destination

The intelligence of the QR code is not in the design but in the experience.

Finally, here is some useful advise, if you do not understand what this blog is saying, speak to a professional.



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