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Do not fear the media


One of the things that constantly makes me smile, are people’s fears of the media.

There are many of you, who have an overwhelming fear that journalists are out to get your businesses, or are deliberately seeking ways to write disparaging remarks about your business, which will bring you down to the ground;  I would say unless the journalist has a personal vendetta against you, it is highly unlikely.

That is not to say that sometimes, a journalist may write something you do not want them to expose about your products or service, but if it is the truth ……

However, on the most part, people that write in the media are people too.  Therefore, if you want to build relationships with the press, so you need to learn how to build those relationships.

I have had clients who are so afraid to speak to the press, that they literally, refuse to engage with them. However, as you grow your business, PR can often be the most cost effective way to build awareness and sales.  I appreciate that putting your product out in the world can make you feel vulnerable.  But to achieve the success you want and to help the millions of people you want to help, it needs to be done.  Procrastination because of the fear, will not help you to grow your business.

At FP Comms we engage with the press on a daily basis for our clients and honestly there is nothing more gratifying than seeing a business growing from just being “word of mouth”  to becoming the story in publications such as; The Independent, The Guardian, Marie Claire, Local and National Press.  As well as being featured on blogs across the world and on radio.

As I mentioned, this journey can be daunting and although many people like the sound of that, they do not know where to start.

Here are 5 tips to help you begin to feel comfortable with engaging with the media, specifically in a live interview situation, but also if you have sent a press release.

1. Have a single message.  Many businesses try to sell everything in one press release.  Start with one core message

2. Focus on your objective. When you have a focus in mind, you can ensure that the salient points are note missed.

3. Write down your key points to speak about.  Having notes ensure that your do not forget your key points

4. Speak slowly and breath.  I am developing as a public platform speaker, but remembering to breath helps you to come across confident to the journalist.

5.  Remember and note down your social media handles.  There is nothing worse than saying, I don’t know or fumbling around for the information.

If this information, still fills you with dread, I would invite you to join our growing list of clients who are featured in many of the publications we have mentioned, so that we can help you enjoy the many pages of coverage our clients enjoy on a regular basis via our Flexi PR Service

Do not be afraid of journalists.  In fact we need each other to be successful.

Have great businesses and we look forward to connecting with you soon.

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