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Difference is okay


The team at FP Comms love what we do.  Each and everyone in the team have a love and passion for marketing – ‘ we are indeed the sum of all our parts’ and yet it is our individual differences that makes us stronger.

As a company every single individual is encouraged to bring the best of themselves.  Freedom of expression is key and difference is celebrated.  Now this all sounds very ‘airy fairy’ and ‘new age’, but standing out in the crowd is key to success in any business.  Whether you are the best, biggest, most innovative or just plain special – you have to stand out from the crowd, difference ensures that you definitely STAND OUT!

We have recently worked with two great expanding companies RedBorder Ltd and Off The Wall UKoff the wall logo 1 (web)

These two companies both know and understand their sectors and their love for their separate industries mean that they are constantly striving to achieve best in practice as servants to their sector.

However, both of these companies understand the importance of standing out from the crowd.  Therefore, FP Comms is allowed to help them build powerful brands, through standout our practice and expertise.

Today, RedBorder has launched one of the most powerful tools to support and develop their sector – The Retail Calendar.

In the case of Off The Wall UK they have brought both professionalism and alot of innovation to their sector – take a look at their event reminder and their driving directions on their site.  Simple, appropriate yet different from the rest of their sector. Stand out and a talking point!

Stand out – be appropriate – be different!


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