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Deciding that failure is not in your future

Have you ever had a passion and dream that just keep niggling inside of you but feel that you do not have the resources (money, connections …) to make it happen?

Well the truth is YOU are the reason that YOU are not succeeding.

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There is a story that Richard Branson shares when he launch Virgin Atlantic and when he returned home from his inaugural flight on a Friday to find the bank manager sitting on his step, revoking his overdraft and requiring the money back by the Monday morning. After escorting the manager off his steps, he called around to his supplier and contacts and raised the money to repay the overdraft, moved his account and secured a larger overdraft.

The lesson I received from that was twofold:
1. He chose not allow the scale of his problem overwhelm him.  He searched and hunted for a solution. Close your eyes and imagine that situation happening to you, what are your first thoughts? If your initial thoughts are the obstacles, you need to switch your thinking and realise that if there is a problem, there is a solution, you just need to dig deep and work to secure the solution.

2. He surrounded himself with good people. He could never call his contacts asking for support if he had not worked in developing and nurturing his relationships, building his network.

Great advice to #entrepreneurs from Richard Branson

Posted by FP Comms on Sunday, 10 January 2016


I remember a number of years ago I wanted, needed to connect with Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones aka The Black Farmer.  At that time I did not have a single connection to him in anyway, I was not linked with him via Linkedin, or on Twitter, but I desperately needed to connect with him.

I did a little research and emailed him. I then connected with him via post. After a few months, he replied and connected with me. I will never forget what he graciously said. He said ‘I really admire your determination and persistence. How can I help you?’

Wilfred_Emmanuel-Jones_(cropped)My point is, when you spend the time to really focus on achieving your success, you can do so organically.

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, identified my persistence, not only by the number of correspondence I sent, but also the quality of the correspondence.

I could have just decided that he was not within my network and I would look foolish, I could have put up a whole range of barriers for why I should not contact him, but I decided that achieving the goal was the most important thing and I believed it could happen.

Believe in your power and ability to take that niggling idea and turn it into a reality.


Try these exercises:

1. Think of 3 ways to connect with the most influential person you want to connect with?

2. People enjoy sharing inspirational messages. Take one of the inspirational messages and really decide to live by the message for one full week.
a. Let us know your outcome
b. Did you see any change?

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