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Category Archives: FP Design

Why all businesses need a Marketing Innovation Budget.

I recall an ex-boss of mine saying; “the sign of a good leader is to hire people that are better than you.” I also remembered another of my bosses providing me with a marketing budget that allowed me the opportunity to help grow – let’s call it the ‘Marketing Innovation Budget.’ Yes, I was very […]

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How do great leaders think?

I was inspired to write this post after watching a YouTube clip.  In the clip a child was standing on the side of the street, very clearly freezing, holding up a sign and asking for help.  For (what was reported) two hours people walked on by.  A few people stopped and hesitated, looking at the […]

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Your business vision needs you to show up!

Sometimes you dig so deep into your soul to achieve your business vision, that life feels that the world is not giving your anything back. However, to achieve great things, may take a change of perspective, because it is in those deepest darkest hours that the saying ‘these are all lessons GOD would have us […]

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Use your uniqueness to stand out in the crowd

Do you remember when Susan Boyle, strolled onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage and amazed the world with her voice? Did you recently see the singing Priest, providing his rendition of Hallelujah at the wedding of a couple?  Singing Priest Why did these acts go viral? Why did these things make such an impact on […]

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The Harder They Come.

I was recently sent a link to a podcast by Middle Aged Black Man about the Jamaican Film The Harder They Come.  This film is sited as the single most powerful representative film of the Jamaican demographic of the time. Now the debate surrounding this film continues, however, as I have never visited Jamaica, I […]

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Building your brand

  Many business people are fearful of success. Honestly they are. Success takes determination, passion, focus and drive.  It takes sacrifice and a healthy level of intelligent manoeuvring that many people refuse to allow their minds to comprehend. It also takes an uncompromising level of honesty and clarity, as you have to be very clear […]

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Don’t be QR-ass with your QR Code

Marketers by trade are observers of life.  We are a curious species and always on the lookout for the creative, inventive, quirky and clever.  However, what that also means is that we are hypersensitive to things that are asinine, ridiculous and plain stupid. So here is a new bugbear we have with the non-marketing, business […]

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