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Category Archives: Digital PR

PR to your business niche and the mainstream will come running!

A few weeks ago, I read a Journolink article written about the power of being profiled and featured in niche and sector-specific publications.  This is a topic we have covered previously:  Bloggers and Brands Connecting with Influencers However, we want to modify this article written by Camilla Holroyd, Media Relations Manager at Journolink for you the FP Comms reader.  Because […]

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3 tips to help you achieve amazing PR coverage

There are many practical tips, do’s and don’ts to help you achieve good PR coverage: Do your research Do not send a long press release Personalise your communication to the journalist Send good images Be patient and the list goes on. However, there is another aspect of PR that people do not seriously take into […]

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The love hate relationship between PRs and Journalists

It is increasing perplexing to me about the love-hate relationship between PRs and Journalists. As an agency, we see ourselves more as a facilitator.  We ensure that our clients: Are picture ready Have their social media platforms on point and up-to-date Stay on topic and not try to always sell their products and service Are […]

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How do you to achieve your 10,000 hours of PR for your business?

Have you read Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers – The Story of Success?  If you are serious about building a successful business, this book needs to be on your reading list. The book Outliers; highlights and shares the stories of those individuals we know today to be the very successful people – Bill Gates and The […]

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5 things to expect from journalists.

You are a small or growing business.  As you contemplate your minuscule or challenging budget, debating, where your marketing spend should go?  You think about PR Of course, marketing is a holistic process. A process that requires a great number of skills and common sense.  However, with the goal of communicating and promoting your business, PR […]

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Do not fear the media

One of the things that constantly makes me smile, are people’s fears of the media. There are many of you, who have an overwhelming fear that journalists are out to get your businesses, or are deliberately seeking ways to write disparaging remarks about your business, which will bring you down to the ground;  I would […]

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The top 5 tools to promote your business in 2016

For the past few years, I have paid attention to the way marketing trends have changed every 9/12 months.  The fast pace of technology and the proliferation of news and information, means that we become over exposed to particular platforms and marketing tools, which often means that it loses its effectiveness and  impact. 2016 has already […]

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