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Category Archives: Competition

Increasing your sales with competitions

Most recently we have been working with a couple of beauty and skincare companies.  These businesses are forging their way through the marketplace and building a stable reputation for creating some of the most amazing and beneficial products. One of the tricks of the trade for increasing sales – COMPETITIONS One of the things clients […]

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Deciding that failure is not in your future

Have you ever had a passion and dream that just keep niggling inside of you but feel that you do not have the resources (money, connections …) to make it happen? Well the truth is YOU are the reason that YOU are not succeeding. There is a story that Richard Branson shares when he launch […]

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Win 5 years LCN business website hosting

Would you like to win 5 YEARS OF BUSINESS WEBSITE HOSTING? FP Comms lives up to their strapline of Marketing with Love and is taking marketing on the road. Regardless of where you are in your business, FP Comms will be offering FREE MARKETING advice and support for 3 weeks during August and September 2014. […]

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