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Category Archives: Entrepreneurship

Attention Entrepreneurs: Innovate or suffer the consequence – Mental Health Awareness

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The impact of racism in the workplace. Mental Health Awareness Week

My name is Nicola, hello. My company FP Comms is a 15 years vision, which I brought to life on 22nd May 2012. Today, as we have just secured our client’s coverage with over 100 bloggers, articles in the Guardian and The Independent. Building relationships with some of the most powerful and influential journalists and […]

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Do you think you have what it takes to be in the top 1%?

Success in business used only to be measured through financial metrics, where experts would peruse your spreadsheets and compare to others of perceived equal value. (EG: Top 100 successful business) However, the definition of success is expanding, and the assets measured through sustainability and wellbeing of stakeholders are becoming equally as valued as finances. In […]

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How much does it really cost to do a pop-up?

Businesses are always seeking ways to increase their profile, sales and brand collateral. One of the many tools within the marketing arsenal is the Pop-up. The pop-up is best categorised as a “temporary retail experience, within a selected utilised environment, usually within a high footfall location, of an unusual, underutilised or/and alternative location’. Pop-ups are […]

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The power and benefits of entering business awards

Entering and winning awards are more than just a pat on the back or an excuse to get a new trophy, they have a significant role to play in the growth of your business. Here are 5 reasons why you should enter business awards:  There can be a tangible monetary reward – Although money is not […]

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