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Category Archives: Business News

Attention Entrepreneurs: Innovate or suffer the consequence – Mental Health Awareness

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The insanity of bad business – Mental Health Awareness

There are numerous books and films dedicated to helping entrepreneurs learn and build businesses. However, we have noticed that the recommendations from the experts are all usually the same and they fit in the same category of: Male, Caucasian and usually over 30 Is this a problem? ‘There is a saying the definition of insanity is doing the […]

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The impact of racism in the workplace. Mental Health Awareness Week

My name is Nicola, hello. My company FP Comms is a 15 years vision, which I brought to life on 22nd May 2012. Today, as we have just secured our client’s coverage with over 100 bloggers, articles in the Guardian and The Independent. Building relationships with some of the most powerful and influential journalists and […]

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Do you think you have what it takes to be in the top 1%?

Success in business used only to be measured through financial metrics, where experts would peruse your spreadsheets and compare to others of perceived equal value. (EG: Top 100 successful business) However, the definition of success is expanding, and the assets measured through sustainability and wellbeing of stakeholders are becoming equally as valued as finances. In […]

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Do Brand Partnerships Have The Potential To Lead To Big Success? By Beth Mahoney

Being a successful entrepreneur requires an element of risk. Often, this includes launching a new innovative business that no one else has thought to create, which means taking a leap of faith. A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that to be successful, they have to go it alone. While some ventures do […]

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