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Category Archives: Be Inspired!

Our stories that go to the heart of who FP Comms is as a company. What we stand for, and how we want to serve the world.

The pillars of building a solid business – Looking at TRUST

When building a great business there are certain principles we need to claim and adopt within a business to create a better capitalist society. Our business community is predicated on self, suspicion, solitude, and speed.  However, if we operate from a viewpoint of, community, trust, illumination, and persistence, we will find that the foundations and […]

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The oldest companies in the world. How do you build a legacy business?

Building and leaving a legacy business to your family, is a focus for many people.  However, many people are unaware about what it takes to make that a reality. Do you know where the oldest companies in the world are?  Take a guess? Japan.  Japan is reported to have some of the oldest companies in […]

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Working with your community to build a business

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a community to build a village.  In the UK (Western World) business building and entrepreneurship can be seen and is usually seen as an independent endeavour.  However, when budgets are tight and experience is lacking, what can you do to accomplish some of the […]

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Influencers unveiled – Elaine Burns – Skincare expert

Working with the right Influencers for your business can help you elevate and propel businesses to the next level.  In addition, brands seeking to be long-term sustainable and powerful businesses should also realise the additional benefit of working with passionate and focused Influencers is the human touch they bring to your business, that no other form […]

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Maya Jama – honesty during a life and PR crisis and the lessons to learn

Last night I received a notification about a tweet posted by Maya Jama  in her late teens, about her views about dark skin, black women and what they look like when their heads are shaved. However, in 2018 the tweet has been hauled out of the archives and resurfaced and what a storm it has […]

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How did ‘freed’ black slaves make it happen, build businesses and succeed despite the racist structure of that time?

I cannot deny, there are many questions I ask myself  about humanity, the things we do and why we do it. As a person dedicated to building  FP Comms which promotes the the benefits of sustainability, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and fairpay within the heart of the most successful leading companies. Some of […]

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Why do you have to die to be appreciated?

I remember years ago my Grandmother saying to me, “I do not want a eulogy when I die.  If you have anything nice to say, tell me whilst I am alive”. As a business builder (a person in the process of building a business)  it is true, that more often than not you do not realise what power you […]

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The impact of entrepreneurship on your mental health

Stress, depression and isolation, sleep deprivation and an insane amount of jealousy, are just a small handful of indicators that life is getting too much for your body to handle. This is further compounded by the impact the spotlight entrepreneurs receive for their successes and failures, which are made swiftly obvious for the world to see […]

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The ethos behind FP Comms

Many business owners take for granted that our websites and social media activities are enough when it comes to explaining what we do and more importantly why we do it. Many business owners believe that marketing and the art of communication can be a secondary thought when it comes to building a successful business. However, business and […]

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How to enjoy and find the passion again for your business

  It never occurred to me how much I was holding my business back.  What I forgot in the process of building, is that wherever I go I take my business with me, I am it and it is me.  So imagine my surprise when I became self-aware about certain things surrounding my leadership execution […]

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