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Category Archives: Be Inspired!

Our stories that go to the heart of who FP Comms is as a company. What we stand for, and how we want to serve the world.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for your Entrepreneurial Friend!

We all have friends with ambitions of starting their own business. Christmas is a great opportunity to show your friend the many beautiful ways you love and support their business idea. Are you looking for the perfect gift for your entrepreneurial friend? Instead of searching the stores for the latest toy, gadget or sweet smelling […]

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Why do you have to die to be appreciated?

I remember years ago my Grandmother saying to me, “I do not want a eulogy when I die.  If you have anything nice to say, tell me whilst I am alive”. As a business builder (a person in the process of building a business)  it is true, that more often than not you do not realise what power you […]

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The impact of entrepreneurship on your mental health

Stress, depression and isolation, sleep deprivation and an insane amount of jealousy, are just a small handful of indicators that life is getting too much for your body to handle. This is further compounded by the impact the spotlight entrepreneurs receive for their successes and failures, which are made swiftly obvious for the world to see […]

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The ethos behind FP Comms

Many business owners take for granted that our websites and social media activities are enough when it comes to explaining what we do and more importantly why we do it. Many business owners believe that marketing and the art of communication can be a secondary thought when it comes to building a successful business. However, business and […]

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Maximising your online business presence – Online Directories/Subscription Boxes

Many small and growing businesses work hard and dedicate a lot of time to being listed on online directories and portals, such as Amazon, Birchbox, Asos and Misguided, to name a few. However, as a business, many owners miss the opportunity to use and leverage the platform to promote themselves further. Having worked on a […]

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Integrity in business – Supporting fairpay in Journalism

Business and integrity, are not two words usually associated with each other.  However, as a society, we are required to strive to do and be better. As a growing company, we are determined to make decisions that will have a positive impact on the world.  We are focused on building and supporting businesses that believe […]

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Promoting a new type of capitalism

“Capitalism has been hijacked by a few ‘good’ men.”   The definition of capitalism “An economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.”   To date, people see “CAPITALISM as PROFIT FOR SELF or PERSONAL GRATIFICATION”.  This perception and in […]

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Why does FP Comms say thank you to journalists?

There is a saying ‘manners maketh man’.  Many people have asked us, ‘Why do you say thank you to journalists via social media?”. One of the principles of FP Comms is basic etiquette, of which saying THANK YOU is one of them. Why is this important?  For us, gratitude is one of the founding principles […]

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Are you PR ready? What do your photos look like?

It never ceases to amaze us how many small businesses and businesses with big goals and images do not consider the images they will require for their publicity.  The press requires good quality images, with a short explanation and photo credits.     As a learning rule of thumb, the images should be 300dpi, speak […]

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Seek out positive stories #Youdeservetoknow

Seek out positive stories – #youdeservetoknow The press and media can often seem like an avalanche of negativity and disaster.  That said, there are a people in the world who are working and striving to create better lives for their local, national and international communities.  However, often the stories of their efforts are relegated to the […]

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