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Beyond the surface. Working with journalists.

Through the years of building a business,  I have experienced that the path to success is not easy. Apart from delivering a service in an ever-evolving world, we also have to appreciate and understand the pressures sustained by all levels of the business ‘food-chain’.  Especially, if your objective is to build a business founded on ethical and global sustainability.

In addition, as a company working within the world of Marketing and PR, my sector is faced with a crisis of reputation.  The industry is known for high retainers, over promising and under-delivering at a high cost and impersonal relationships.

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The first, thing to state; FP Comms, is a selective marketing company.  We are focused on delivering a service based on a few core values:

  1. Building the reputation and foundation of future leading brands.  All of our clients are dedicated to providing a service, with an ambition of building a sustainable economy for future generations.
  2. Helping people to have a public voice, through confident and effective communication. The voice of the emerging brand needs to be strategic and powerful.  There are many businesses out there that are claiming and promoting ethical values. Many of them are legitimate. However, the ‘noise’ within the business world makes it harder to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff.’ Therefore, for those companies that are thinking beyond lifestyle or personal gain, we have to work hard to ensure we secure coverage to ensure that their voices are heard.

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Apart from connecting with those journalists that want to use their skill and platform to discuss the relevant topics around clients like ours.  We also need to ensure that our stories are as enticing for the journalists and make their workload ‘easier’.

  • But how do we do that?
  • Is our approach sustainable?

To achieve our goals and retain our integrity, we have delved deeper in understanding all aspects of PR and Marketing.  One of the key areas of learning is in relationships with all aspects of my industries delivery cycle.


In a fact sheet by the National Union of Journalists, on the mental health and stress of journalist, they identified key findings. In reading, the document, you gain a greater understanding of the importance of building deep meaningful relationships.

We understand the journalistic cycle and appreciate that it is only through building solid and positive relationships that we will maintain our edge in the industry. However, more importantly, there has to be an understanding of the pressures involved in journalism.  The industry is competitive and challenging but is through strategic alliances we can help those businesses with a long term sustainable mission to rise above the crowd and become the next generation of leading brands.

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