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Are you PR ready? What do your photos look like?

It never ceases to amaze us how many small businesses and businesses with big goals and images do not consider the images they will require for their publicity.  The press requires good quality images, with a short explanation and photo credits.



As a learning rule of thumb, the images should be 300dpi, speak to a professional like Natalie Lawrence, she can help you find your footing.






Try to communicate a story through your picture







Show off your branding in context







Show off your events and activities






In addition:  

  • Have a library of 6 core images to use for your publicity
  • Your logo should NOT be used as a core image.  But you should always have a hi resolution version available.
  • Try to avoid black and white images, unless it is brand relevant
  • Update your images every 9 to 12 months or at least, once a year.


  • find a photographer whose work you like, meet with them and see if you have a rapport.
  • Allocate an entire day to your photo shoot.
  • Do not rush the process and try to enjoy the day.


If you have any other, suggestions and comments, please let us know.

If you are a photographer, please feel free to share your portfolio in the comments below.


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