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A point of influence

Do you know some of the most amazing business discoveries, have come about through ‘Influencers’ by Influencer I mean Blogger or Vlogger?

Do you know how much Blogging and Vlogging – Influencers are contributing to the marketing mix? If we are honest, blogs and vlogs (written and visual content) have helped many brands go from obscurity to notoriety across the globe.

booking for success

There are so many directions I can take this article, however, I am going to focus on the way a blog or vlog has helped a business gain access to a larger platform, which has directly impacted on the sales pipeline of that business.

The journey to international acclaim

Take Oprah as an example, she does a segment/show called ‘My Favourite Things where her team scourer the world for great products throughout the year.

my favourite thingsVia this show she gives away products to her audience of things she has found, used and fallen in love with.  These items are usually found by her team (if she has not discovered them personally).

Another personality who enjoys promoting products and stories that she finds online is Ellen DeGeneres.  She constantly makes reference and showcases items she has found.

In fact there are a number of international personalities, who pay attention to what they see online, and use that information as inspiration for ideas to showcase on their shows.


How to get started as an Influencer

Many emerging ‘Influencers’ are trying to understand the tips and tricks it takes to connect with brands.

As a Marketing Company, we represent a wide range of brands and receive many requests from bloggers and vloggers for samples and products.

However, there are a few key tips in ensuring you build a power network of followers to attract those brands.

  1. Know your worth
  2. Write honestly
  3. Engage your audience
  4. Be consistent
  5. Love what you do

I have found I particularly like when an Influencer reviews products honestly and constructively.

believe in your selfie

So do you want to become a major player in this space?

  • What are you doing to connect with brands?

We want to hear for you?  If you are starting up and have a handful of article, share your most recent post on this page with us.



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