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8 coping tips of a successful entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur is challenging at the best of times.  But, here are 8 tips to help you cope with the most testing moments of building your business.
ONE:  Surround yourself with the right people.  In the words of Will Smith “surround yourself with people who are the people fanning your flames”   
TWO:   Create a list.  Developing a list of your priorities gives you order and frees up mental space to deal with challenges that come along.

THREE:  Enjoy the good moments and the successes
FOUR:  Absorb good and educational content.  Especially books!

FIVE:   Stop comparing yourself to other people’s achievements.  The comparison can steal your joy and will distract you from your goals and achievements.  

SIXJournaling is an amazing way to track your goals and achievements.  It takes things from just being in your head and allows you the space to have a new perspective. It also helps you to assess your actions objectively.
SEVEN:  Sleep.  Get enough restful sleep.
EIGHT:    Eat well.  Eating fresh produce and foods that are well-sourced, will feed your body a lot better than processed products.  They keep you sustained for longer and in the long run, is cheaper because you eat more seldom, but better.

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