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6 Tips For Surviving Social Media Apocalypse

Have you ever contemplated, what would happen if your social media platforms closed down without notice?

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Picture the following.  Imagine you’re mid-campaign or event, and your main drivers of promotion and communication are your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube accounts and they all close down, that would be social media apocalypse, and yes it could happen to you.

With sensitivities at an all-time high and the ability to complain about others (unknown to them), available at a keystroke, your account could be suspended or worse yet deleted faster than you can imagine.  So it’s time to get smart and be aware of the ways you can limit the impact of the worst-case scenario for your enterprise. These 6 sure fire tips will help proof your business against the unthinkable.

1. Build your database outside of social media:  Ensure you have a mechanism to collect basic information from your followers on all your social media platforms.  Of course, many people are hesitant to sign up for newsletters and mailing lists for fear of being later spammed.  However, create a list for emergency mailshots only.  Make it and explain the purpose of the list to invitees as a belt and braces way of maintaining your connection, and be sure to let them know that it is an opt-in option.  This will help subscribers to feel comfortable and know that they will only be contacted in case of emergencies.

2. Back up your backup:  Download your database into an excel CSV file.  This means that if one system goes down you can quickly upload it to another platform

3. Collect basic information only:  Remember this exercise is principally to mitigate the impact of your unplanned disappearance from social media, capture:

  • First name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Mobile numbers only.

4.  Do not abuse the subscriber’s trust:  Do not sell or use this database for third parties. And be certain to assure subscribers to this list that this won’t happen.

5.  Make it easy for people to opt in, opt out and update:  This is very important as you can lose people if they feel you’re trapping them, or that providing the information is time-consuming or tedious.  Have the sign-up form in a prominent place on your website or blog.

6. Educate people about your intentions: While your social media platforms are up and running, use them to educate people about your intentions for your database and the importance of them signing up.

I hope you found these practical tips helpful?  Please let me know what other marketing issues we can address for you.  In the meantime, keep growing your amazing business.

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