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5 tips to phenomenal business success?

This post is based on the words and experience of recognisable successful people, who have shared their experiences in their own words, time and again.  There’s a pattern and flow that these people have shared on their journey to achieving what they want in life.

Here are 5 tips for you to ponder:

  1. Know your personal calling
  2. Word of mouth
  3. Patience
  4. Customer interaction
  5. Critical mass

1:   Know your personal calling – The driving force for success is truly centered in your knowledge of who you are and what really fulfills your heartfelt mission.  This knowledge is not a simple or easy prospect to realise. However, it is this knowledge that will keep propelling you forward as you strive to achieve your vision.

2:  Word of mouth – Once you have committed yourself to your personal calling, recognise that your largest asset is word of mouth.  This personal recommendation is the most valuable source of marketing. (Watch the clip above)

3: Patience – Recognise that all great success takes time.  Get comfortable with being patient.  This will be a great tool towards your success.

4:  Customer Interaction – recognise the power and value of customer interaction.  Especially in today’s society of social media, where the opinion of one person’s experience, can lend to a barrage of attacks or compliments at the click of a button!

5:  Critical Mass – recognise that to achieve phenomenal success, you need to engage a widespread demographic.  The key to success is to produce work from the perspective of service to the community, at the same time counting each individual purchase as the special one.

We hope these tips help you recognise the power of being at the heart of your business, and working to serve your global community, at the same time acknowledging the power each customer brings to your business.

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